A small collection of unique designs have been created. These are extensions of existing motifs in the artist’s work. 
Accuracy is at the heart of this creativity. It is the artist who creates: he pushes and refines the elements of each work. Unlike mechanical computer controlled creations, his designs emanate from aesthetic decisions, from the materials themselves and from his work precision.
Nonetheless, as a visual artist, he models upon techniques of computational architecture for creating architectural elements on the interior surfaces of buildings (floors, walls, ceilings).

His work makes possible constructed elements created to exact sizes, ready to be installed. Some have the advantage of creating visual space by their three-dimensionality. His designs adapt to straight, broken or even curved surfaces, while keeping their accuracy.
Most designs have no visual center and are unlimited in their horizontal and vertical repetitions. Thus, they can be created in any size. Visual compression and decompression of design elements play an important part in the rhythm transmitted by these static forms.

Order giclée Cork Art images & designs?

How to select an Existing Cork Art image or design?

This site ( displays multiple cork art images and designs. Do print your favorites and use these low density prints as an initial guide to your selection. Using the  convenient contact page, indicate the art works that interet you. You will rapidly receive a response as to their availability, size and price.

Can you provide some indications of price and conditions of sale?

The price of the works, delivered to the purchaser, ready for framing, are:

Size                  Price Range -2017 Revision Pending

16  x  24 inches $ - $


24  x  32 inches $ - $

28  x  28 inches from $

40  x  24 inches from $

For framed work, the cost of framing, all transportation costs from the artist’s studio, insurance, and other associated expenses, are charged at cost.


Prices for Cork Art completed prior to 2113 respect the values estimated by the experts of PNAS (Paris Nord Assurance Services) in 2011 on the occasion of the solo exhibition "The imaginary cave" sponsored by the General Council of  the Loiret. Current market prices are proposed for all newer Cork Art creations based on recent actual sales. 


Can I negotiate price or conditions of sale?



Buyers interested in multiple giclée prints or multiples of a single print (if still available) are entitled to price reduction. Similarly, existing clients should negotiate price based on a multiple number including all prior Cork Art purchases.


Commercial buyers should inquire into tax benefited purchases and the unlimited use of Cork Art images in their promotions and sales materials.


David MISHKIN’s pictorial art is based on selected patterns from monumental works. These patterns are repeated, transposed and transformed to emerge as dimensional shapes, always geometric and abstract. Colors transform these images, all in keeping with the original corks, their colors, textures and graphic prints.
An orderly processing of a pattern is followed. A series based on a single pattern is crucial to the artist's approach.
The sizes and precision of the images are also critical. Some pictorial images can approach 250 square feet. Thus, visual elements - compression and decompression - play an important part in the rhythm transmitted by these static forms. By their dimensionality, they open effervescent sensations.

Every giclée print, created in editions of eight on satin finished paper, is signed and numbered by the artist. 

Limited Edition Giclées - Special Sale

Seven very limited edition giclées by the artist David Mishkin are returning to France from their invited exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Saint Petersburg, Florida (USA). Each giclée, on 325gm. Epson acid free cotton paper, with its numbered one of eight authenticity certificate, is elegantly framed including “ultra” Plexiglas to meet exigent museum safety standards.


Four of the giclées form a series. Each is based upon a one meter square collage created exclusively from the rare “RD” corks of Bollinger’s 1990, 1995 & 1996 mythic vintages. The first three giclées measure 24.4 x 33.8 inches (62 x 86cm.). The fourth giclée entitled “Transformation” is created from collage images and three giclées of this series. It measures 24.4 x 16.5 inches (62 x 42cm.).


Emerging from the identical one square meter “RD” collage is a three dimensional giclée!  It measures 36.2 x 24.4 inches (92 x 62cm.).



From the majestic collage Paravin, a double sided dividing screen, a detail  evolves into the giclée Paravin #5.


The last of the very limited edition giclées by the artist David Mishkin is DIAM #I. It presents the one meter square collage as a 24.4 x 24.4 inch (62 x 62cm.) giclée. The collage is installed in the Reception at the DIAM Headquarters, Céret, (Pyrénées-Orientales) France.


Certain of these seven giclées are available unframed– each with its limited edition authentication. Prices and terms of sale for each giclée are available upon request. Discounts are offered for multiple purchases. 


How to order a Design proposal?

To purchase an existing design?

For existing Cork Art designs, the designer or architect needs to provide dimensions and to specify the materials desired for imprinting the design. A cost estimate will be available for review and discussion at the CreationDM studio.

To request a new Cork Art design?

New Cork Art designs can be created directly with corks - supplied by the client or in stock - or from new design images. The client should specify the design use, display space characteristics and color requirements, if any. A cost estimate for the creation of each design, when accepted, is due upon billing.

A rough idea of costs for a Cork Art design?

The cost of design work is divided into four segments:

Initial client discussion of renderings created for the client is without charge.

Creation of final designs (in the form of images ready for reproduction) is billed on a time basis @ $750 per day - a blended rate including the time of the artist and of a computer graphics assistant.

The actual costs of production and instalation (with artist supervision) are billed at 125% of cost. 

A royalty, if the client undertakes commercial production and sale of the design. 

Monumental Collages & Montages

Collages and montages are composed of thousands of champagne and wine corks and labels.
In the monumental works, the quality of recovered materials  - which are perfectly calibrated, aligned, and set in hierarchies  to appear as banners bearing French vintages - express and transcend the spirit of wine. About three thousand out of ten thousand corks are selected, one by one, to compose each medium sized collage. 

His world of geometric abstraction is made up of lines and curves that are purely instinctive gestures, nevertheless guided by a rigorous execution.
Precision is at the heart of his creativity. It can be fast, instantaneous. More often, it is expressed in procedures, in the repetition of gests, and in an almost obsessive preoccupation with form.

It is only by his own impulses, that David MISHKIN defines the elements of his monumental works in search of the perfect.

Recent and earlier collages available?

What are Cork Art collage prices and conditions of sale?

For commissions, an estimated cost is proposed. When an agreed price is achieved, an invoice is sent. At the start of work, an advance is usual. A discount may be proposed for full payment in advance.


The completed collage is delivered upon reception of full payment. All transportation costs from the artist’s studio, insurance, and other associated expenses, are charged at cost.



How are Cork Art collages created & priced?

About three thousand corks, selected one by one, from over ten thousand, are needed to create each medium sized Cork Art collage. Full months are invested in each square meter of a collage, often with double thicknesses. Accordingly, the current market price of a collage relates the artist’s investment in time, to its costs, and above all to its artistic merit.


The sizes of existing works and their detailed pictures are on this site's Catalog section, last part. 



Cork selection first stage in Cork Art

Cork selection final stage in Cork Art