En Bourgogne

Mis en bouteille en Bourgogne is an expression often imprinted on corks destined for Burgundy wine bottles. It declares that the wine was bottled where harvested, in Burgundy. 


… En Bourgogne is a Cork Art collage created by the artist David MISHKIN uniquely from twentieth century Burgundy corks  - thousands of them! It measures about sixteen square feet with a maximum depth of eight inches.


Within the square the corks describe a circle and four ovals, in addition to two magnums of Burgundy. Additional visual interest is created by the variations in the sizes and colors of the selected Burgundy corks. 


All of the corks hide the names of their Burgundy producers. Only vintage years or Burgundy images are shown, permiting the   aficionado to suggest which wine(s) were identified by a specific image, during which vintages or period of years. 


… En Bourgogne is pleasure. It should be enjoyed along with your favorite Burgundy wine.



Tastevin menu cover Clos Vougeot

A detail at the left hand side of the ... En Bourgogne collage has been selected as a menu cover for a Tastevin dinner at Clos Vougeot in 2016.

...En Bourgogne - Cork Art

All of the corks hide the identity of their twentieth century Burgundy producer.

...en Bourgogne triptyque

The triptyque as the central image with details shown at the right and left of it.