The Artist's View

Geoform Interview 2009


Geometric art attempts to bring order, my emotional untying and gathering up of loose ends. It is a process governed by insights that may be rapid, even instantaneous. Their interpretation evolves in the doing and undoing of spatial relationships that service the physical objects of my recent art.


Aesthetically, I attempt to express ordinary objects – wine and champagne corks and labels – with their own unaltered attributes: functional shape, size, texture, natural hues, and even their imprints. The geometric process begins with small clusters of sorted materials selected from piles. These seem to align, to suggest curves and lines that often oppose each other forging abstract dynamic spaces.  


Within such spatial coordinates patterns are completed with materials at hand.

After periods of observation in different lights and from differing vantage points, I uproot all leaving their space vacant. Later the laying down process is repeated without references of any sort beyond aesthetic recall. My visual and sensorial memory recreates and in the process refines and redefines spatial relationships not only in the original work area but in adjacent spaces.


The size of the finished art expands with each lying down and uprooting until elements evolve as certain and unchanged. These are glued to each other or to supports. Open spaces remain to be resolved by the same manner, complicated at times by the insufficient quantities of desired materials. 


The completed abstract geometric works are meticulously photographed resulting in perfect focused, high density images. Details are photographed separately. Certain elements that were worked together, separated in the finished art, are photographed together. 


These photographs became the starting point of my new aesthetic, images true in every detail to their original art transformed to express new abstract geometric forms. Here, the exactitude of the original art is rewarded. Images are associated, joined, even layered invisibly their exact unassisted matching assured. 


US Citizen   French Resident

Born in New York, New York


High School of Music and Art

Queens College, B.A.

Columbia University, A.M.

University of Illinois, Ph.D.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School

Stanford Research Institute –  Post Doctoral Studies


Lives and works in Châteauneuf sur Loire, France

Member La Maison des Artistes (professional artist’s guild), France



2006 CORK ART.  The Museum of Beaune, Beaune, France

2010 CORK ART IMAGERY. 37TH Salon ANTIQUITES, Orléans, France

2010 CORK ART IMAGERY. VIDENTI, Baden Baden, Germany

2011 THE IMAGINARY WINE CELLER. Sully sur Loire, France

2013 VOUVRAY. DE LADOUCETTE, Paris, France




2016 TOUJOURS EN VIN.  Musée du Liège. Maureillas, France 


2016 LOIRET DEPARTMENT, France. Open Doors.


2002 Salon of the Independant Artists, Paris, France.

2006 The Winter Salon of Lyon, Lyon, France.

2008 The Art Fair and Competition of the City of Annecy, France.

2008 The Halles of Lyon – Paul Bocuse Exhibit, Lyon, France.

2009 The Tenth Lyon Art Out of the Ordinary Bi-annual, Lyon, France.


2009 The Regain Invitational Exhibition, Lyon, France.

2010 The Sigloy Show, Sigloy, France.

2010 ACACIA at The Marine Museum, Châteauneuf sur Loire, France.

2011 ART – GENS, Cerdon, France.

2011 COLLECTIF D’ARTISTS, Château de Saint Martin, France.

2015 ACACIA at Salle Florian, Châteauneuf sur Loire, France.


2015 Marché de l'Art, Artenay, France  


2017 ACACIA at Salle Florian, Châteauneuf sur Loire, France.


2017 Museum of Fine Arts, Stuart Society Show, St. Petersburg, Florida (USA)


2005 Patrimoine of France, “Today Our Patrimony is Being Constructed” David Mishkin’s Cork Art. Its importance to French culture (six pages).

2006 Memoire des Arts,  Gault Millau ,  Le Bien Public  Press reviews of the CORK ART show at the Museum of Beaune. Also FR3 French national television interview, coverage of the opening and of the exhibit.


2007 La Vigne. “A Fan of Corks” Giving corks a new beginning.

2009 Saveurs & Vignobles “Wine Corks in all their Splendour”.

2010 David Mishkin, artiste plasticien a fully illustrated book by the Swiss journalist Philippe Margot.

2010 Revue des Oenologues, “The wine cork enters into the museum”.

2011 Réussir Vigne,“Cork and Wine”. Geometric art from cork collages.

2011 Grand Seigneur, “The art of recuperation”.


2015 Union Maisons Champagne (UMC) site accepts & displays Cork Art images. 


2015 Art Dans L'Air, "Diam Bouchage Places an Order".



2006 The Special Prize of the Jury at the Winter Salon of Lyon, France.

2008 First Prize   National "Land Art"  Competition of the City of Annecy, France.

2010 First Prize   National Competition Professional Category. The Viti-Culturel Patrimony of France CORK ART creations.

2011 Prize of the Jury  National Competition of Chateau & Monument de Vignoble CORK ART COLLAGE 

2011 Exposition Prize. The Conseil général du Loiret  awards a seven week of exposition of  La cave imaginaire in the  625m² National Monument  Eglise Saint Germain of Sully sur Loire, France.