Art Has A Capacity


Art has a unique capacity to seize upon one or another aspects of a message and to translate it into colors, forms and sounds which reinforce the intuition of those who are looking or listening.

The Cork Art Cross

The cross of the Christ child

The faith - art connection


” How great is the mystery of the cross! "


As an artist I believe in a capacity and ability to create significant art. That belief is personal. It is inspired by believing in a source, by having faith and being faithful. Faith accepts and embraces the unbelievable. It offers forgiveness to those who ignore art or who are uninspired by it.


Created during Jubilee of the Misericorde (mercifulness) year, the Cross of the Christ child invites a viewer to stroll among theological virtues, sensing them anew. By its gaiety, it seeks to reopen the viewers’ approach to the message entrusted to the Church by Christ. It insists on art’s unique capacity to take facets of that message and to translate it into colors and shapes.The Cross is a place of gathering, of sharing. It is a symbol of belief, constantly evolving. It offers communication with others and with self, with dreams and emerging realities. Religious art instructs visually, forcefully. It shares and enlarges belief. The Cross of the Christ child is a personal affirmation of Saint John Paul II’s 1999 Letter… To Artists.

The Cross of the Christ child (306 x 236 x 33cm) is a collage whose corks are uniquely from wine of the historic L’énfant Jésus  vineyard situated in the Grèves area, nearby Beaune, France.The curved cross measures over three meters in height. It is decorated with corks on all surfaces (front, sides & back) to a maximum thickness of 33cm. Its rare corks (about 2000) are glued to a beech wood core. On each side of the vertical member of the cross are different figurative interpretations of the three theological virtues: faith, hope and charity. Faith is represented by a cross, Hope by an anchor and Charity/Compassion by an enflamed heart. The uplifting horizontal member of the cross presents largely abstract designs.


Religious Art created from corks

The Byzantine Cross

The Byzantine Cross - central panel

The cross of the enfant Christ



Beauty is the key to mystery and directs us to transcendance. It is an invitation to savor life and to dream of the future. 

Exotique Religious Art

The Baptismal Font of the Enfant Jésus

The details of the proposed Baptismal Font are as follows: Inspired by "NARCISSE", a Baccarat crystal wine glass series available over twenty years ago, the bassin is asymetric in form. The planned height of its upper surface is 35 inches.  The totality of its solid form is composed of L'Enfant Jésus corks. On its upper surface is an oval bassin 20 x 13 x 6 inches. The total surface of the Baptismal Font will measure 48 x 28 inches with its bassin placed much like an avocado pit, alligned along the central axis of the fruit.


The Baptismal  Font of the Enfant Jésus could be completed in ninety days - the time needed for the drying of successive horizontal layers of l'Enfant de Jésus corks.

The price is  $9000. 

The Cross of a mécène - The Enfant Jesus


If I could only announce the realisation of "The Burgundy Cross of The Enfant Jesus" an art work created uniquely from the corks of the extraordinary Greve (Burgundy) wine "L'enfant Jesus". A lattice structure is planned for the 100 x 40 inch cross allowing a play of light through the Cross giving lightness to it and to its decorative elements.


With the financial support of a mécéne, this art work could be realized within four months. The budget is in the $7000 to $9000 range.




Please be attentive to article 238bis AB du CGI (1er août 2003) of the French Code which accords special deductions to firms purchasing and exhibiting the work of living artists. The entire purchase price may be taken as an offset to income, in equal parts, during the five years following the commissioning.