Remarks of French Authors and Poets

Cork Art and Cork Art Images, two approaches of the artist at once original, unique yet contemporary... his Cork Art is at once sculpture, mosaic and bas relief.

Philippe Margot, Swiss journalist and writer. Editor of Cork Art - David Mishkin


Corks... the artist seizes this artifact of current consumption to create "decorative art", decorative in the noble sense of the term. It is as if by creative accumulation he reveals the beauty of the object.

-Marion LEUBA, Curator  of the Museums of  Beaune, France  


The 1st  Prize of the city of Annecy, France in their national «LANDART» competition (June, 2008) was awarded to: "David MISHKIN who succeeeded the improbable: creating rythm from static forms and  opening ourselves to "effervecent" sensations from recycled materials."


David MISHKIN looks at corks of the greatest wine vintages with envy. He creates from them art impregnated with a rich past. His evolving art merits to be studied.

-Alain Vollerin, Editor, Mémoire  des Arts



David Mishkin's compositions, which assemble in straight lines and curves thousands of corks selected for their forms and impressions, are an inspiration divided between abstraction and the recital of a myth, the myth of wine. 

-Robert BOULANGER, Writer of The Blue Guides


Your work appears both fascinating and impeccably done. Congratulations!

-Robert M. Parker, Jr.  Author & Editor, The Wine Advocate


The visual effects which eminate from his monumental art approach mosaic patterns and resemble contemporary tapisteries, noted the jury of the 50th Winter Art Fair of Lyon, France which selected him a winner. 

-Art and Material, Emballage Digest

David Mishkin gives a second life to corks. He selects them meticulously, aligning those with the same appearance to create lines or curves - brilliant or somber - only with wine and champagne corks.

-A Fan of Corks, La Vigne


This rather unusual and original work highlights the strangeness - even the beauty - of an every day object which is usually discarded without thought.

-Cork Madness, LE BIEN PUBLIC, Beaune, France



Simplifying a complex thought by a symptomatic yet simple design is his method. His eye is synthetic.

-Today Patrimony is Being Created, Patrimoine de France 


Lightness and Cascades of Joy


Pétillance de bouchons


Faites pétiller la vie,
.. par la joie, par la fête!
que les nobles bouchons pétillent,
de lumières ... de formes et de couleurs,
pour le plaisir de vos yeux,
et dans la chaleur de vos lieux de vie.
Puis laissez le vin s' écouler ...
tel un drap soyeux le long de vos papilles. 


Le vin est à l'homme ce que la sève est à l'arbre.         



Patrick Pilarski 



Above: the collage "Présence" 35 x 41 x 10 inches created uniquely with new corks from Chateau Pape Clement of the year 2000.






Please be attentive to article 238bis AB du CGI (1er août 2003) of the French Code which accords special deductions to firms purchasing and exhibiting the work of living artists. The entire purchase price may be taken as an offset to income, in equal parts, during the five years following the commissioning.