"... the unique grand cork art collages"


Natural and unconventional…geometric and fantastic…all are experienced in each of the unique grand cork art collages by artist Mishkin.



Using imaginative computer expansion, Mishkin also transfers motifs from his larger cork collages into visually flowing images which can be custom created in any size with unlimited horizontal and vertical repetitions resulting in elements of extraordinary visual rhythm emanating from his forms.



Vintage wine & food communications  2014

"David Mishkin constructs"


His art is unique, outside of the dots.


Coherent and luminous, spell binding with visuals that reach out, it offers vineous gaiety. His natural tone palette is augmented by the infusion of colors. They illuminate his works while conserving natural colors.


David Mishkin constructs. He is a master builder. Each of his motifs is developed with an extreme logic, a variable geometry, to create fantastic vertiginous abstract images.


Gallery Titren,   Beaune, France   May 2009

Corks Taking On Color

David Mishkin leads us further forward in his fascination with corks with unclassifiable art. He amuses with an object of our daily lives, disturbs our visual reference points, juggles with colors, impetuously calls up other planets by his work with pigments on motifs which he draws from his monumental collages. 


Every giclée print, created in editions of eight on satin finished paper, is signed and numbered by the artist. 


“His eye unifies the diverse into coherent, structured, homogeneous art” (French Patrimony magazine).  “Your work appears both fascinating and impeccably done. Congratulations!” (Robert M. Parker, Jr., The Wine Advocate). “His images modify our vantage points. They vibrate, yet are static. They take off, fantasies in an abstract form of optical art” (Wine Makers Review).