International Press

Le Renouveau publishes an article «SIGNES DE CROIX» on the solo exhibition of David Mishkin Art Sacré Contemporaine. (December 2019 #138).

Le Journal de Gien in a full-page multiphoto interview presents CORK ART by David Mishkin.(March 2019).

Tastevin en Main (#146). The Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin publishes the Burgundy collage of Grand Officer David Mishkin.(1st semester 2018). presents eighteen of his geometric creations. (2016).

The solo Open Doors Exhibition, sponsored by the Departmental Council of the Loiret, France, featured religious art  and especially The Cross of the Enfant Christ a 10 foot high Cork Art collage covered on all its surfaces (front, back & sides) with 2000 corks from bottlings only of the L'Enfant Jésus vineyard, Beaune, France. (October, 2016).


The Summer Chapter of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin featured on its 550 menu covers "En Bougogne" (In Burgundy), a Cork Art collage created uniquely of Burgundy corks.(June, 2016). 

David MISHKIN Visual Artist - Fourth edition. A book entirely illustrated by the Swiss journalist Philippe Margot. (2015).

The solo Open Doors Exhibition sponsored by the General Council of the Loiret, France, included presentation of DIAM I and DIAM II monumental collages created to decorate the new reception area at DIAM's Céret (Eastern Pyrenees) production site. (October, 2014).


Succeeding Vineyards "Cork and wine" "These works ... the impression that emerges is that of a graceful and happy geometry." (June, 2011).

Journal of Oenologists "The cork enters the museum" "His images change our landmarks. They reverberate, being static. They fly over and become eclectic, fantastic in an abstract form of optical art." (October, 2010).

"L'Art du Bouchon et l'Art Imagé, deux approches originale, inédites et contemporaines" according to Swiss journalist Philippe Margot who dedicates a book to David Mishkin: David Mishkin, artist (June, 2010).


The Badisches Tagblatt describes the One Man Show Opening at  VIDENTI,   in the presence of the Mayor of Baden Baden, dignitaries and the public. More than 50 giclée prints from 17 x 17  to 110 x 52 inches, and six monumental collages were displayed on two floors. (May, 2010). 


The International Bi-annual Exhibit of Art Beyond of the Norms (Lyon, France). The monumental collage «Pétillances II» and its documentation on exposition. (October, 2009).



Tastes and Vineyards of France : « David Mishkin : The Cork in All of its Splender » (November – December 2008) : "His

frescoes give the impression of a Roman mosaic created of subtle nuances of of color."


Menu Cover created for the CHAPTER OF TASTE AND GASTRONOMIE,Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin.(November, 2007). 


Catalogue cover. ARTCURIAL (June, 2007). 



A Report on French Television, channel France 3, entitled « Divine Art, Wine Art », draws European attention to his monstrances created from Pape Clement wine corks.  (January, 2006).



The 50th Winter Art Fair of  Lyon, France awards David Mishkin the Special Prize of the Jury. (January, 2006).


The prestige review Patrimony of France honors David Mishkin's art in a six page article entitled « Today, Patrimony is Being Built » (July - August, 2005).  



The Salon of Independant Artists 2002, at the Grand-Palais of the Champs-Elysées, Paris exposes his monumental six panel screen, a collage of wine and champagne corks.  

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