David MISHKIN’s pictorial art is based on selected patterns from monumental works. These patterns are repeated, transposed and transformed to emerge as dimensional shapes, always geometric and abstract. Colors transform these images, all in keeping with the original corks, their colors, textures and graphic elements.


QUADRILASER (Ormes, France) renowned worldwide for its certified Digigraphy fine arts images (FR: images giclée) creates the giclée editions and issues their authentification certificates.  La Maison des Artistes, a French artist's guild, controls giclées limiting each to an edition of eight signed and numbered by the artist.


The sizes and precision of the images are also critical. Some pictorial images can approach 250 square feet. Thus, visual elements - compression and decompression - play an important part in the rhythm transmitted by these static forms. By their dimensionality, they open effervescent sensations.

Les dessins sur ordinateur

Dessins sur ordinateur - Démarche

Les dessins sur ordinateur constituants la deuxième parution artistique des objets ordinaire, leurs forme fonctionnelle, taille, texture, teintes naturelles inalterés.

Triptych images 51.1 x 110.2 inches, 100% cotton canvas 350gm.

Around the Table: Transformations is created from giclées of the center of this Byzantine cross. The giclée measures 20 x 35.4 inches.