Custom built, ready to be installed, these creations are for wineries and luxury homes to function as the floors, walls or ceilings. They are also movable screens and decorative objects of larger sizes.
These custom art works are created from recycled materials such as wine labels (thousands!) or wine and champagne corks. They are perfectly calibrated, aligned, and often hieratic, as banners bearing the names of French vintages. All express and transcend the spirits of wine and champagne.
Their patterns are repeated from collages, translated and processed to bring out three-dimensional shapes, always geometric and abstract. Colors transform these images.

Monumental Collages & Montages

Collages and montages are composed of thousands of champagne and wine corks and labels.
In the monumental works, the quality of recovered materials  - which are perfectly calibrated, aligned, and set in hierarchies  to appear as banners bearing French vintages - express and transcend the spirit of wine. About three thousand out of ten thousand corks are selected, one by one, to compose each medium sized collage. 

This world of geometric abstraction is made up of lines and curves that are purely instinctive gestures, nevertheless guided by a rigorous execution.
Precision is at the heart of this creativity. It can be fast, instantaneous. More often, it is expressed in procedures, in the repetition of gests, and in an almost obsessive preoccupation with form.

It is only by his own impulses, that David MISHKIN defines the elements of his monumental works in search of visual perfection.


The artist David MISHKIN was selected by Dominique TOURNEIX, President of DIAM, to provide, and to create from DIAM corks, CORK ART collages to decorate the interior of a new reception area at the company’s production site extension. With an investment of over 25 million euros, the Céret (Eastern Pyrenees, France) extension for the treatment of cork allows DIAM to produce more than 1.5 billion DIAM corks a year.  DIAM, is a subsidiary of OENEO, an important manufacturer of wine barrels and corks worldwide.



Four collages for the new Céret reception area employ more than 20,000 corks contrasting traditional corks with DIAM closures. Two employing traditional closures and two from new DIAM, Mytik DIAM and DIAM Altop corks engage nearly 100 square feet of floor and wall space. While assuring visitor safety, comfort and enjoyment, the reception area  enhances visitors’ appreciation of DIAM creativity, technical mastery and respect for tradition.