A small collection of unique designs have been created. These are extensions of existing motifs in the artist’s work. 
Accuracy is at the heart of this creativity. It is the artist who creates: he pushes and refines the elements of each work. Unlike mechanical computer controlled creations, his designs emanate from aesthetic decisions, from the materials themselves and from his work precision.
Nonetheless, as a visual artist, he models upon techniques of computational architecture for creating architectural elements on the interior surfaces of buildings (floors, walls, ceilings).

His work makes possible constructed elements created to exact sizes, ready to be installed. Some have the advantage of creating visual space by their three-dimensionality. His designs adapt to straight, broken or even curved surfaces, while keeping their accuracy.
Most designs have no visual center and are unlimited in their horizontal and vertical repetitions. Thus, they can be created in any size. Visual compression and decompression of design elements play an important part in the rhythm transmitted by these static forms.

Les dessins sur ordinateur

Dessins sur ordinateur - Démarche

Les dessins sur ordinateur constituants la deuxième parution artistique des objets ordinaire, leurs forme fonctionnelle, taille, texture, teintes naturelles inalterés.